Theoretical & Practical design

Episode1 . Wed, 28 Dec 2016

Featuring: Sharad Patwardhan

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Episode abstract

How do you see design?

What should one learn when one is in design school?

What do you mean by Horizontal & vertical lines?

What according to you is Ying and Yang of computer age in the field of design?

How do you address “attention to detail” to your students? and many more insightful questions with Sharad Patwardhan.

About Sharad Patwardhan

A teacher, an architect with 40+ years of experience

Sharad Patwardhan is one of the coolest teacher / professor in the field of Design. He has actually devoted to his life to teaching. Professionally an architect and also a teacher with an experience of more than 4 decades. Currently he teaches in Applied school of arts, Mumbai and does freelance work as an interior designer and architect. Sharad is responsible for few main stream restaurants in Mumbai like Gypsy, he loves Hindustani Classical and Old Bollywood music.