Films & perspectives

Episode2 . Sun, 01 Jan 2017

Featuring: Kedar Jape

Episode abstract

Should art depict society or should society evolve by looking at art?

How much do you think commerce effects art?

How do you know your story is finished? Why does every film need a protagonist and an antagonist?

Why do you think Indian main stream films have conclusive ending while foreign or experimental cinema don’t have it?

And how do you decide a movie is good or bad? Know more about films & perspectives from Kedar Jape.

About Kedar Jape

Film writer and a director

K. K. Japé is a film writer, director. He was awarded the best actor award by Indian National Theatre in his college days. His maiden short film Baangdya was world premiered in the short film corner at the Cannes film festival in 2010. He is thinker, teacher and an artist who I believe has the guts and intent to create compelling content.