Copy, branding & advertising

with Anusha Pinto

If the product or the service itself has a problem, then no amount of branding or advertising can save it.

- Anusha Pinto

Anusha Pinto

Anusha started her career 10 years back in marketing, switched to copywriting and now makes her living by strategising for brands. At heart, she is a creative butterfly, fluttering between gardening, lettering, cooking, drawing, designing, writing, story telling and dreaming.

Gyan session

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What is the role of language in the advertising world?

Orange, Hutch, Vodafone — How did they manage this big brand transition?

How important it is to have command on language?

What are the 3 main factors to make your brand successful?

How can one get into this field? What exactly you do? And what makes you stick in this field?