English-Bandhish (in Marathi)

Episode12 . Thu, 13 Apr 2017

Featuring: Kiran Phatak

Episode abstract

What do you mean by Bandish? How has Bandish evolved and will evolve?

You have made few bandish in English language. How do you decide in which Raag it’s suppose to be based on?

What make you pick one raag over another?

What’s your plan to further break these boundaries and expand Hindustani Classical music.

About Kiran Phatak

The man who sings Indian classical in English

Classical singer Kiran Phatak has written many books on different subjects in Indian classical music. He also gives classical recitals. Kiran Phatak organizes seminars and workshops on classical music. He is the founder of Bharatiya Sangeet Vidyalaya. .His major books are Shuddha Swar Alankar, Sangeet Nibandhawali, Khayal – Ek Vichar, Raagachhya Parighakadun Kendrabindukade, Swarkiran, Pratibhavanta, Music Dictionary, Bandish, how to present Raag, study of bandish.