EP 16 . 17 May 17

Is there a real digital solution?

With Saket Vaidya

In the episode

  • From BA in Psychology to Social media analyst, from program manager to Tech head, and from Operations to now digital solution architect. Can you tell me how this crazy journey has been?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of an online technical architect in an agency model, not necessarily a product-based environment? What exactly do you do?
  • What makes you stick in an agency model type business as opposed to work on a single product and see it through?
  • What’s your perspective on startup culture in India?
  • You have worked in almost all parts of the online world, blogger, podcaster, social media, developing applications. What do you think you enjoy the most or is your true calling? Why?

About Saket Vaidya

Saket has over 16 years of experience in domains like technology, pre-sales, account, and human resources, etc. Before Indigo Consulting, he was the chief operating officer (COO) for North India at digital agency Webchutney Studio Pvt Ltd. In his role, he was responsible for revenue, cash flow, and overall profitability of the agency in the North region. Saket is one of the early adopters of technology in the Indian industry and also known as Vulture.