EP 28 . 03 Sep 17

Understanding stage life characters

With Ramu Ramanathan

In the episode

  • Who or what is an Antagonist and a Protagonist?
  • Do societies define hero, heroine & villains, do heroes and villains guide societies, or is there an absolute hero and a villain?
  • India is a land where antagonists and protagonists are worshipped equally. What’s your process of defining them?
  • What could be parameters to gauge a character since a very subjective thing? It’s a question to become a better audience?
  • If there is a gun in the first act then it should fire in the third. How true it is and how have you used it in your plays?

About Ramu Ramanathan

Ramu Ramanathan; A playwright-director and indigenous citizen of India. And today we will try and understand some basics about stage life characters. Ramu is deeply concerned with the socio-political world of today, and is a living encyclopedia of arts and activism happening around us… He has got many plays to his credit, to name a few, Cotton 56, Polyester 84; Jazz; Comrade Kumbhakarna; and more recently, Postcards From Bardoli.