Understanding stage life characters

Episode28 . Sun, 03 Sep 2017

Featuring: Ramu Ramanathan

Episode abstract

Who or what is an Antagonist and a Protagonist?
Do societies define hero, heroins & villains, do hero and villains guide societies or is there an absolute hero and a villain?
India is a land where antagonist and protagonist are worshipped equally. Whats your process of defining them?
What could be parameters to gauge a character since a very subjective thing? It’s a question to become a better audience?
If there is a gun in the first act then it should fire in the third. How true it is and how have you used it in your plays?

About Ramu Ramanathan

Ramu Ramanathan is an Indian playwright-director with acclaimed plays to his credit

Ramu Ramanathan; A playwright-director and indigenous citizen of India. And today we will try and understand some basics about stage life characters. Ramu is deeply concerned with the socio-political world of today, and is a living encyclopaedia of arts and activism happening around us… He has got many plays to his credit, to name a few, Cotton 56, Polyester 84; Jazz; Comrade Kumbhakarna; and more recently, Postcards From Bardoli.