Understanding Desi-Toys

Episode33 . Sun, 01 Oct 2017

Featuring: Swapna Wagh

Episode abstract

Why are toys so important in a child’s life?

What is the importance of culture specific toys?

What is the process of introducing a new toy in the product line up? On what parameters you decide that?

What is your process of giving brief to your designers when you want a new toy to be designed?

What is your vision of toys 10-20 years down the line when the whole world will be Digital?

About Swapna Wagh

Founder of Desi Toys

Swapna Wagh is the founder of Desi Toys. Having worked with big organised retail players like Future group and Shoppers Stop in India for more than 8 years, Swapna Wagh started a unique venture called ‘Desi Toys’ in year 2012 which is a specialised Retail chain which offers Authentic and Traditional Indian Toys and Games.