Understanding image-making

with Manu Ambady

These new apps are like your stylize filter in photoshop. Got no depth in them.

- Manu Ambady

Manu Ambady

Manu is originally from Thrissur, Kerala, and now based in Mumbai working as a self employed artist. He has an image-making style which is a balanced blend of realism and figuration. His work has been featured by Kyoorius, RevolutionArt magazine, Creative Gaga, MTV Indies and more. He holds a dual degree from MITID and Northumbria University with a specialization in image-making.

Gyan session

This episode is brought to you in collaboration with Kultureshop.

1. Can you quickly tell me about yourself and your journey of being a designer?

2. What is image making style of work? What exactly is your form of expression?

3. What does it take to do your kind of work?

4. In Kultureshop you have given one quote which says “One form of art, inspires another” – What do you mean by that?

5. How do you see Instagram, Prisma and other applications? What missing in them? Can they win over art? Do artist feel threatened by these crazy applications?