Understanding relationship between ad filmmakers and creative agencies

Episode40 . Mon, 04 Dec 2017

Featuring: Veena Bakshi

Episode abstract

1. How are traditional ad films made?

2. What are the boundaries of where an agency’s work ends and where a film maker’s start? Who define these jurisdiction?

3. What is the role of an ad film maker in taking the concept further? How much liberty one has due the virtue of knowing the medium?

4. How does an ad film maker get his or her satisfaction from?

5. How can an ad film maker take a stand of not sell something mediocre?

About Veena Bakshi

Film maker

Veena Bakshi started her career as an assistant to renowned ad filmmakers Prahlad Kakkar, Mansoor Khan and Dilip Ghosh. She later started her own ad film production house where she made over 300 ad films as both producer and director. She started her first feature film, The Coffin Maker which won National Award for Best English Film in 2013 and has also been awarded many other National and International awards. Veena has briefly worked in television and also teaches film technique at various institutes around India.