Introduction to architecture and it’s various aspects

Episode42 . Sat, 09 Dec 2017

Featuring: Pavitra Sriprakash

Episode abstract

1. How do you identify soul of the project? Can you give one example in detail?

2. What do you mean by spaces being responsive to users?

3. The architecture you find in forts and old palaces used to be much more evolved and rich. What made us go back to something rudimentary?

4. What is the role of geography when it comes to building structures?

5. What is the role of sustainability while making cities from a architects point of view?

About Pavitra Sriprakash

An architect and urban designer with a focus on Sustainability

Pavitra Sriprakash is an architect and urban designer with a focus on Sustainability. Pavitra is the Chief Designer and Director at The Global Design Studio of Shilpa Architects which is an acclaimed design house based in Chennai. Having practiced urban design and planning in New York and Chicago, Pavitra’s work has been India focused since 2008.