Understanding painter’s perspective (Marathi)

with Deelip Khomane

Real painting is that which comes from within. You be original and people will like your work.

- Deelip Khomane

Deelip Khomane

Deelip sir needs no introduction for people in the field of arts but for others, he is an artist in it’s true sense. His life revolves around everything to do with art, be it painting, clay animation, illustrations, murals, graphics and almost everything that has to do with expressing thoughts through colors and other mediums. Deelip sir has worked with big agencies like O&M, redifffusion on various campaigns. His paintings are regularly exhibited in various parts of the world and are truly inspiring. Recognised with number of awards Deelip Khomane is a JJ pass out.

Gyan session

1. Is style important or content? Why?

2. Does one intellectualise on art?

3. What are your thoughts on finished paintings and artwork? How do you see them?

4. How do artist conceived paintings which are not commissioned?

5. What it is to be a painter in India? Now and then?