Philosophical perspective on Indian Education System (Part 2)

with Vikram Gahlot

People have the idea that, from childhood, young people have to be placed into a framework where they’re going to follow orders. This is often quite explicit. - Noam Chomsky

- Vikram Gahlot

Vikram Gahlot

Vikram Gahlot is a teacher, thinker and philosopher. He started his career in Webchutney where he was heading the search engine marketing vertical. But soon realised that teaching is his passion. He now teaches at MBAguru and imparts gyan to students who wish to get into MBA, IIM and IIT’s of the world.

Gyan session

1. We have spend endless nights discussing the mediocrity in market, is this because of education of other other social factors?

2. Do you think India is asking our best minds to sell shampoo?

3. If teachers keep teaching the same thing over years, how are they suppose to learn and teach advance stuff?