EP 51 . 18 Jan 18

Understanding the thought behind plays that voice their dissent

With Sunil Shanbag

In the episode

  • How do we define dissent in these times? Why do plays from the times of the Greeks and even Bhasa attract the most number of dissenters?
  • You have directed plays by Vijay Tendulkar to Mahesh Elkunchwar. And Shafaat Khan to Ramu Ramanathan. What could be the reasons these playwrights try to voice controversial topics?
  • Is experimenting with controversial topics for plays reduced? If yes, why and how has it affected society? If no, then how has it survived?
  • You are collaborating with young minds at your theatre space Tamasha. What is the role of such a space in our society?
  • How do you select a play to direct? Was the process different in the seventies and eighties when you worked alongside Satyadev Dubey; to the now? Where you are seen as a thought leader.

About Sunil Shanbag

Sunil Shanbag is an Indian theatre director, screenwriter, and documentary film-maker. He worked as an actor/designer/assistant director with Satyadev Dubey from 1974 to 1984 on about twenty-five productions. In 1985, he along with his group of friends became one of the founding members and artistic director of ARPANA, a repertory company. This theatre company has been working consistently since its inception, doing an average of fifty performances a year. Its work is characterized by “contemporary and original texts by Indian and international playwrights (in translation), strong performances, minimalist staging, and innovative use of music and design.