Understanding censorship in Marathi plays (Marathi)

Episode55 . Wed, 14 Feb 2018

Featuring: Arun Nalawade

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Episode abstract

1. Basic question – What are the parameters of censoring a play?

2. What are top 3 challenges in front of the censorboard?

3. With society changing so rapidly, are censorship rules changing with that speed? If not, do you think it required? If yes, can you give few examples?

4. Creativity means breaking the boundries and censorship means making sure it’s acceptable within the society. How do you manage this? Why are artists and writers always complaining about censorship?

5. Do you get complaints from lay people about demonstration of wrong things due to linient or no censorship?

6. What message you would like to give to upcoming writers and directors about restricting or not restricting their work due to censorship practises?

About Arun Nalawade

Actor, Head of Maharashtra censor board

Arun Nalawade is an Indian film and theater personality. He works in all 3 types of medium, stage, television and on big screen as well. His serious roles in movies such as “Shawas”, “Carry on Maratha” are appreciated a lot. He was a co-producer of Shwaas: the film that won the Golden Lotus India’s National Film Award for Best Feature Film for the year 2003. Born and raised in Mumbai, Arun sir started his acting career as a theatre artist and did mostly character roles and is famous for his Marathi Television serials. He is also associated with theatre in a different capacity which is Censorship. He is head of the censor board for Marathi plays in Maharashtra.