Role of design in society

Episode56 . Wed, 21 Feb 2018

Featuring: Uday Athavankar

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Episode abstract

1. What is the role of design in society? Can you tell us how a well designed system can impact our lives?

2. You have built the Indian postbox, low cost ATM and are now working on affordable housing. Can you tell us role of design institutions to work on things at a grass root level?

3. How do you identify which domain to invest time and effort for design?

4. You have designed a number of purposeful games that have been introduced in India and Japan in the education space, can you tell us role of design in this and how did it help?

5. What are your thoughts on future of design education in our country?

About Uday Athavankar

Professor in IDC IIT Mumbai

Uday Athavankar is a professor in IDC, IIT Mumbai and is on the advisory board of several international research journals.. He has been committed to education and research on design and design-related consulting for over 30 years. Uday sir has written many papers on product semantics and communication, and role of mental in design process as well as design education.