EP 57 . 28 Feb 18

Discussing intersection of design, art and philosophy

With Miti Desai

In the episode

  • How and where do you see design meeting dance and dance meeting design? What is the philosophy behind it?
  • Why classical anything (dance, music) has to be so disciplined?
  • In one of your youtube videos, you mentioned “philosophy” is engrained in our Indian culture to which I agree, but then why is it not seen in today’s time?
  • Why classical dance activity is most of the time solo?
  • How and where can one find a classical design?
  • Where does education come into your practice?

About Miti Desai

Miti is Founder & Creative Head at Miti design lab. She is a Designer, Classical Dancer & Educator. Miti finds that classical Indian dance has reintroduced her to traditional design, culture, and aesthetics, which are key players in her design practice. She studied applied art in Mumbai, after which she went to the US to study design. She is an executive trustee of Shakti Yogashrama Gurukulam near Lonavala. Her main body of work stems from these three areas and has been nicely documented on her website, mitidesignlab.com. I believe she is an ideal candidate for Audiogyan as she technically touches all three areas for which Audiogyan documents for reference.