Insights into Calligraphy and Modi script

Episode61 . Thu, 22 Mar 2018

Featuring: Achyut Palav

Episode abstract

1. What is the difference between typography and calligraphy? Is calligraphy independent of typeface?

2. Can you shed some light on Modi script. When was it used, how did it cease to exist? What are the efforts put into relive it?

3. How different is Modi from Devanagari?

4. Why do you think handwriting is so critical when the world is going digital?

5. How critical is to learn the language in order to do calligraphy in that language? What’s the role of language?

6. What are the advantages of knowing calligraphy in regional languages? How does it effect the society at large?

About Achyut Palav

Well known and respected calligraphers of India

Achyut Palav is one of the most well known and respected calligraphers of India. Studied in JJ School of arts and passed in 1982. In 1984 he got research scholarship from Ulka advertising for his thesis on Modi script. He use to teach in JJ also. Be it Devanagri or the English scripts, a constant thirst for knowledge and passion for perfection continues to give a special meaning to his quest in Calligraphy. Today we are here to get some insights into calligraphy and Modi script which needs to documented.