Everybody is an artist

with Ankita Shinde

It's good to ask children what you want to be now than asking, what do you want to become later.

- Ankita Shinde

Ankita Shinde

Ankita Shinde is an artist from Mumbai. She runs her graphic design business under her studio name ‘AnotherDayAnotherColour’ in Mumbai and has worked with brands like Adidas, Ebay, Lenovo, RedBull, ASUS, Vogue and more… Her work has been featured in several online and print publication - Mid day, Hindustan Times, Creative Gaga, Cosmopolitan, Juice magazine by Jabong, Pool magazine, Design Taxi, 22words.com, Kyoorious to name a few.

Ankita is an artist and an explorer and believes that everybody is. She has founded petaproject.org where they empower and enable everyone to take up pet projects. She is passionate about education, about the ways in which slight transformation in the process of education can lift up an individual’s innovation capability.

Gyan session

1. You strongly believe “everybody is an artist”. Please tell us how? What makes a data operator or doctor an artist?

2. You have been documenting your insights and experiences in form of dawnings, words and photographs. Can you tell us what is your over all creative process like?

3. How does documenting your process help in your creative process?

4. Can you share your process when you worked on minimiles?

5. What are your thoughts on education in art? Again, if everyone is an artist how can one evolve it’s art?