Murals, painting and more

with Amitabh Kumar

The scale and distance of the surface matters a lot when you are drawing a mural.

- Amitabh Kumar

Amitabh Kumar

Amitabh Kumar lives and works in Bangalore. He is a designer/artist and has worked as a part of the Sarai Media Lab where he researched and made comics, programmed events, designed books and co-curated an experimental art space. He is faculty in the Srishti School of Art and Design and Technology and is an initiating member of the Delhi based comics ensemble, The Pao Collective. He has been painting murals across India for a couple of years now

Gyan session

1. Your work has a distinct grungy look. How did you arrive at this styling?

2. You have done a lot of murals around different cities in India. Can you tell us what a Mural is and what is it’s importance?

3.Can you tell about your any specific artwork which created a high impact on the audience / viewer? Why and how?

4.Do murals always have to tell stories?

5.What is the importance of initiating a dialogue with strangers when you have worked on a mural?