EP 73 . 13 Jun 18

Theatre and more

With Atul Pethe

In the episode

  • A student begins by copying, imitating artwork. Then maybe translating and communicating bigger ideologies. Finally evolves into interpreting or giving commentary on his or her insights. Has it been a similar case with you? How has your storytelling about socio-political issues evolved? And why?
  • You work with a lot of non-actors. Does it help in expressing your thoughts more accurately? Why do you choose to work with them?
  • What according to you is the importance of documenting legends of the regional community or local great figures?
  • I have learned and realized that working at a grassroots level in any domain is an individual choice. What is your motivation? Why do you do what you do?
  • Can you tell us about what is Ringan?

About Atul Pethe

Atul Pethe, for the past 35 years has been highlighting the stories from the fringes through his experimental plays, writings, and documentaries. He is an acclaimed actor, writer, and director. Atul’s plays have traveled extensively, both in India and abroad, and he has received many prestigious awards for these. Most of his work is documented online, from the number of plays he acted in and directed, his documentaries and work along with Pune Mahanagar Palika, and more…