EP 77 . 11 Jul 18

Insights into English theatre

With Rahul Da Cunha

In the episode

  • I am not Bajirao and Class of 84 are two milestones in Bombay. Please tell our listeners about these two plays.
  • In one of your interviews with Hindustan Times, you mentioned “We didn’t have a voice of our own.” In the context of English theatre in Mumbai. What was the process of finding your voice?
  • Why do you think an English play in India is not as popular as the Amul girl hoarding. What are the learnings theatrewallahs can glean from the Amul hoardings?
  • Can you quickly tell us about, what the genesis of “Writer’s Block” and the playwrights to look out for?
  • 36 Ghante and the project of school children writing plays have been recent highlights. What next for you and Rage?

About Rahul Da Cunha

Rahul daCunha divides his time between advertising, theatre, and travel. On one hand, he is running his ad agency, da Cunha Communications where he produces the famous Amul hoardings that have made India smile for 47 years. On the other side, he writes, directs, and produces plays like CLASS OF 84, PUNE HIGHWAY and ME, KASH & CRUISE. He is one of the founders of Rage Production and has been writing and directing plays for the past 25 years. He is an extensive traveler and passionate photographer.