Role of design in startups

Episode80 . Wed, 01 Aug 2018

Featuring: Jay Dutta

Episode abstract

1. What is your take on state of Indian online products w.r.t products around the world in the design context? Where do you think we stand? What are the short falls? What are advantages which we have w.r.t products we’ve already built?

2. How critical is it for a company to be design sensitive? Why?

3. What is your process of getting approvals on design decisions that you take? How do you bring everyone on the same page? How do you pursue others about your design decisions?

4. In one of your interviews you mentioned, “Don’t design for the next billion. Design around the “one” and how you can make it contextual for each individual and treat them as a mass.” Can you tell us what makes you say that and any particular brief case study where you did this in action? And how did you get rest of the team on board?

5. Why did you start Designup? Tell us more about Designup.

About Jay Dutta

SVP UxDesign @MMYT | Founder/Curator, DesignUp | Venture Advisor, SAIF Partners

Today I have Jay Dutta with us on Audiogyan. abbreviated to JD, is a Design thinker, doer, evangelist and speaker. An alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Jay has an MSc in Design Management from UK, has been a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, London. JD built the Ux Design practice for Adobe India ground up, led Ux at Flipkart and has been one of the few Designers in a VC world – at SAIF partners. Currently JD leads the Experience Design Charter for a new, expanded MakeMyTrip Group and mentors startups. He is the AsiaPacific Lead for the non-Profit IxDa and the Founder/Curator of DesignUp Conference.