Is it possible to write critically in today’s time

with Makarand Sathe

There is an exponential rise of identity politics as oppose to ideological politics

- Makarand Sathe

Makarand Sathe

Makarand Sathe, an architect by profession, has been writing plays, novels, articles and films in Marathi for the last two decades. His plays have been performed at national and international festivals. His three-volume Socio-political History of Marathi Theatre was published to acclaim in 2010. He is undoubtedly a playwright in the Marathi theatre industry who needs no introduction. Today we are here to discuss whether it is possible to have a critical commentary on today’s socio-political state of affairs.

Gyan session

1. In P.L.Deshpande’s Bigri te matric or Asami Asami, he has made humorous comments on Shivaji, Gandhi and many other leaders. How come it’s received in a different light while it becomes offensive today?

2. If we look at last 100 years of literature, we can see a pattern. Initially the books were banned and now more recently the writers are under threat. Why this is happening?

3. It is evident that it’s not possible to write critical commentaries on great figures today? Why not?

4. What is missing / wrong? Has the audience not evolved, are playwrights trying to be too open? Why are we not able to handle humour, political or social commentary in a good spirit?

5. Will this voice of dissent die due to today’s attitude? How do you envision the future of this critical observation in the theatre or literature world?