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Episode82 . Wed, 15 Aug 2018

Featuring: Manek D’Silva

Episode abstract

1. Can you tell us how web comics work? What made you get into it?

2. What was the reason that changed your focus from big words and complex sentences to actually thinking of what should happen at each moment?

3. In one of your interviews with Design Fabric, you mentioned “I feel that the idea of literally just making something fun and enjoyable for the reader is missing from a lot of modern Indian comics” What makes you say that. Can you share some insights into the world of Indian comics. What do you have to tell about R.K. Lakshman, Manjula Padmanabhan and people like them.

4. Every artist has his or her own style which creates a brand / impression of the artist. What are your thoughts on that since your work has a lot of different styles? What is the main thread which links all your work, like the auteur theory?

5. What are your thoughts on future of comics, web comics? How is it going shape in India in the coming decades?

About Manek D’Silva

Illustrator and designer based in Bengaluru

Manek D’Silva is an illustrator and designer based in Bengaluru. His work is born from a love for comics, film, and silly humour; constantly exploring modern styles and perspectives, while basing it all in traditional painting theory and technique. A formal education in visual art keeps his work deeply grounded in traditional techniques and theory, while a keen interest in pop-culture and design helps propel it into fresh and unexpected territories.