Nuances of drawing

Episode86 . Wed, 12 Sep 2018

Featuring: Nilofer Suleman

Episode abstract

1. Your work which I have seen at least, has a distinct identity, it has a lot of Indian element to it. What was your process to land in this form of style?

2. What made you realise that this is the style you would like to explore more? What could possible ways of discovering your own style?

3. What do you use for reference or let me ask what is your source of inspiration? How can one improve his or her sensibility as an artist / painter / illustrator?

4. What is the most important aspect when someone is drawing? I mean is it the medium, the style or the content which matters the most? Why?

5. With the new media and ways to share your work, what should be the process of being reflective about your own work?

About Nilofer Suleman

Artist, Painter, Cartographer

Today I have Nilofer Suleman with us on Audiogyan. Nilofer started her artistic career as a cartographer and miniature artist, collecting and recreating columbus-esque old maps, creating rivers and mountains in delicate inkspelt detail. Her work, inspired by Indian typography and street graphics, is a coalition of styles that take Indian Graphic Culture onto a contemporary platform.Nilofer’s paintings are a witty and colorful illustration of India, offering vibrant vantage points and comical observations about the city. And today we are here to explore some nuances of drawing with her.