Furniture design in India

Episode88 . Wed, 26 Sep 2018

Featuring: Shrikant Nivsarkar

Episode abstract

1. How would you explain the state of furniture design in India?

2. What is the pre-dominant material used to make furniture in India? How effective is it from an environment point of view?

3. You have been closely associated with education space in design, can you share some numbers w.r.t number of industrial or interior designers produced by India and the demand of it?

4. Why interior design or furniture design market is not as organised as other markets in India? What can be done to do so?

5. What are your thoughts on future furniture design in India?

About Shrikant Nivsarkar

Shrikant is a principle architect of design consultancy organisations “Nivsarkar Consultants”

Today I have Shrikant Nivsarkar with us on Audiogyan. Shrikant is a principle architect of design consultancy organisations “Nivasarkar Consultants”, established in Pune 1978. He has overseen the growth of practical from small & medium scale residential design to large scale commercial, institutional and industrial project. Apart from and extensive career spanning more than 3 decades, Shirakant is associated with various educational and professional association in different capacities. I guess this is just a formal introduction of the man who needs no introduction in the Design world. Thank you sir for giving your time and it’s a real honour to have you on Audiogyan.