EP 89 . 03 Oct 18

Importance of building Design communities in India

With Sudhir Sharma

In the episode

  • What is Pool magazine? What was the thought behind starting it?
  • Why do you think India lacks documentation?
  • What is the importance of communities, more importantly, design communities? What is the impact you have seen so far?
  • How cooperative, Design school Alumni, Design schools, government organizations have been in building these communities?
  • What is the future of these communities and various platforms of which you have been part? How will they help society or designers at large?

About Sudhir Sharma

Today I have Sudhir Sharma with us on Audiogyan. Sudhir is a man of many facets: he is a designer, an entrepreneur, a teacher, and a publisher. He is the founder and chairman of Indi Design. He is a publisher with POOL magazine, One of the most recognized magazines dedicated to design in India. In his avatar as a promoter of India’s design sector, Sudhir has been known to take a great deal of personal initiative, bringing his brand of persuasion to a wide variety of activities. Today we are here to speak about the importance of building design communities and more…