EP 91 . 17 Oct 18

Nuances of Toy Design

With Suhasini Paul

In the episode

  • What are the various aspects of toy design? What are the steps while designing a toy?
  • What are psychological considerations while you are designing a toy?
  • How important is material a factor while designing toys? Which material is predominantly used for making toys at least in India? Why?
  • Tell us about your experience in designing surprise toys for kinder joy.
  • How do you see the future of physical toys when the world Is going digital?

About Suhasini Paul

Today I have Suhasini Paul with us on Audiogyan. An eminent toy designer, post graduate of National Institute of Design (NID) with her specialization in Toys and Children products. Suhasini is also an Electrical engineer and has done Management Program for Women Entrepreneurs (MPWE 2016) from IIM, Bangalore. She designs the surprise toys found inside Kinder Joy for the Indian / global market, sports toys for Disney, India, and break-time playthings for ITC Foods. You can find her entire bio on pualstudio.in. Today we are here to discuss the nuances of Toy Design in India.