Speaking as an art form – Part 2 (Marathi)

with Dhanashree Lele

A compare is like a thread of a flying kite. Everyone can see the kite flying but it's the hosts responsibility to keep the flight in control.

- Dhanashree Lele

Dhanashree Lele

Dhanashree Lele is a powerful orator. Being expert in a difficult language like Sanskrit, she conducts many one-person shows in Sanskrit. Dhanashree is also a popular Marathi anchor and interviewer and has been a compere for many programs on TV, radio and stage. Worked on various projects with seniors like Shri. Sudhir Phadke, Prof. Pravin Davane, Dr. Anil Avchat to name a few…She has Secured H. D. Velankar Scholarship for Sanskrit proficiency. Today we are here to talk about what does it take to become a good orator.

Gyan session

1. In a lot of places, the audience remembers not only the guest but also the host, while in some cases the host is almost invisible. What is that characteristics of the good host?

2. What is you process when you are about to host a show? Research, rehearsal and other things… How do you go about doing these things and more?

3. In modern times at least as per my knowledge, we have seen only politician being good orators. Where as around 20-30 years back we had really good speakers in different fields. What went wrong and why?

4. What is the future of spoken communication? Hosting, narrating or comparing?