Audiogyan Turns 2 – Top 5 of 2018

Episode103 . Thu, 27 Dec 2018

Featuring: Kedar Nimkar

Episode abstract

1. In conversation with India’s Design Hero, Balkrishna Doshi, I asked him why have all cities started looking similar? Same steel flyovers and same glass buildings?

2. I asked Dhanashree Lele that what is the role of a sutrasanchalak. How can he stay invisible yet anchor the show?

3. While I was in Pune, I had the privilege to meet Makarand Sathe and I asked him “is it possible to write critically in today’s time?” To which his response was…

4. My personal curiosity to know “what makes people work on design solutions for grass root level” was answered by Professor Uday Athwankar

5. Last but the most profound insight was shared by Amrit Gangar, a film Historian on has film now become commodity?

About Kedar Nimkar


Hello and welcome to a brand new episode of Audiogyan. I am super excited to announce that today Audiogyan turns 2. Yes! I started this podcast exactly 2 years ago on 27th December 2016 and It’s a been a great journey so far.

This episode will capture Top 5 insights of 2018 but before that, a quick recap of the past and whats coming up and how can you be a part of it.

For those who have tuned into Audiogyan for the first time, Audiogyan is a weekly podcast for those interested in Design and Arts. It releases every Wednesday. Audiogyan doesn’t celebrate the guests’ accomplishments or take a trip down memory lane; rather it objectively documents work, case studies, first principles of individuals who have devoted their life in the field of Design and performing arts.

In the last 2 years, Audiogyan through it’s 102 episodes has been able to document, 100+ guests that is almost 3000 plus minutes of documentation and reached 1 lac plus listens. We also partnered with Kultureshop, Hubhopper, Storytel and the biggest podcast partnership with DesignUp.

Whats coming up? Well, new branding, new website, introducing a Blog and new series called Audiogyan case studies. 2 of the case studies are already live. Case study episodes take a deep dive into one project, campaign or a design solution. All this has taken a lot of effort and time. Thanks to DesignString & a Special thanks to Yashwanth, Nitish Mohanty and team.

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