EP 106 . 16 Jan 19

[ACS 04] Swiggy’s Design Philosophy and more…

With Srinath Rangamani

In the episode

  • Everyone in the online designer community speaks about the small discount icon which rotates and captures attention while you scroll on the home or listing page. Can you tell us the story behind it? How did you create that little delightful interaction?
  • How big is the team and how do you function? I heard you have some design sprints ahead of dev sprints. How does that work? What is the process like?
  • What is the process within the design team to ensure consistency in the product?
  • Can you share some insights into how did the “track your order” feature evolve? What was the problem statement and how did you arrive at the design solution?
  • What is the biggest challenge for a design team at Swiggy and how do you address it? How important do you think other stakeholders should be sensitive to design and user experience? How do you manage/communicate that?
  • How do you deal with the pressure of making offers discoverable in the highly competitive market for burning a lot of money on cash backs and discounts? What is your stand in saying NO or finding a middle ground?
  • Do Swiggy do AB tests? If yes, can you share one experiment, and what was the learning?
  • By now we can safely assume that everyone in the metro cities knows what is Swiggy and what do they do. But still, I would like to know how do you as head of design at Swiggy view what your company does?
  • Does Swiggy as a company treat Swiggy to a product or as a service?
  • How does the roadmap look like purely from a design standpoint? What are your plans?

About Srinath Rangamani

Srinath Rangamani, currently head of Design at Swiggy and previously at Myntra, store mate and Adobe. He is a digital designer with over 10+ years of experience in creative, interaction, and product design for mobile apps & web. His philosophy is “Create something pure; for in its beauty, simplicity, craftiness, and care – lies the experience of a user”