ACS: Audiogyan Case Studies

[ACS 05] Documenting Kumbh Mela – Part 2

Episode108 . Wed, 30 Jan 2019

Featuring: Deshna Mehta

Episode abstract

1. The first half focussed on the Kumbh itself and the process of making of the deliverables. Now tell me more about some of the content in these deliverables and design systems adopted.

2. In hindsight, what was the most powerful design lesson from having documented the Kumbh.

3. You also mentioned that you published these books. What does it take to publish – how was that aspect for you considering it was your first self published body of work as a studio?

4. What were the failures and what would you do better?

5. What was your personal experience of anchoring this project documentation. Take aways as a designer and as a human being.

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A visual artist with a passion for photography, writing and curation

Deshna Mehta is a visual artist with a passion for photography, writing and curation. Also Co-founder of Studio Anugraha, a design and publishing platform that encourages collaborative practices deriving from and contributing to elusive aspects of cultures, philosophies and ideas in general. It is based in Mumbai.