Playing with different materials

Episode114 . Wed, 13 Mar 2019

Featuring: Aziz Kachwalla

Episode abstract

1. What does Ply as a material mean to you? How versatile Ply is as a material? How different is Flexi-ply from regular ply?

2. What have been your observations while playing with other materials? Can you share any particular product / case study of the piece of furniture you made using other than wood?

3. In India, we have seen people having more inclination towards Wood (Teak, Rose etc…), Is that the case as per your thoughts? Why?

4. How does usage of different material for furniture come into main stream market? How does the progression happen? Do designers and artists like you have to show the way?

5. What material do you think will dominate India furniture market in the coming years? Why?

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Product Designer from the NID Ahmedabad

Aziz Kachwalla has studied to be a Product Designer from the NID Ahmedabad, after graduating with a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Mumbai. With over 2 decades of experience in exhibition, lighting, retail and furniture design. The Orange Company is his design consultancy firm that does large multi-disciplinary interior architectural projects. His design studio is located at Mazagaon in South Mumbai and his workshop is called At-tin.