Architecture & humans

Episode122 . Wed, 08 May 2019

Featuring: Manish Banker

Episode abstract

1. What does shelter mean to you?

2. What according to you is the one underlying thread which connects humans and architecture in which they dwell?

3. What is the important of directions when it comes to building architecture. For eg: East versus South facing etc…? Any connection you can draw with Vastu Shashtra?

4. What are your views on spaces that have started looking that same in the metros of the world? Why is it happening? What is your effort in avoiding it?

5. What according to you should be the focus area of architects in the coming decades to make a sustainable living?

About Manish Banker


Manish graduated with distinction from the Institute of Environmental Design, Gujarat in 1991. Thereafter, he worked at The Osho Commune International in Pune, for two years, contributing immensely to the Commune’s varied ongoing projects. Here, he imbibed a new spiritual approach to spatial design, as a means of connecting man with himself and his environment. Having identified the true meaning and purpose of Architecture, he established TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd. in 1994. Passionate and enterprising, Manish has a dynamic creative energy and an innate love for nature.