Thoughts on Design Education in India

Episode123 . Wed, 15 May 2019

Featuring: Dhimant Panchal

Episode abstract

1. Can you paint us a picture of “Design” education in India? How well know it is in comparison to medicine or engineering?

2. In one of your articles online, you mentioned, Design education makes students become responsible citizens. Can you tell us how?

3. Can design be learnt from youtube? Or any online service?

4. What have been your observations w.r.t self taught designer versus a academically trained designer?

5. What are the key attributes to be found in oneself to get into the world of design as a career?

6. What is your long term vision about Design education in India? How do you see it 50 years in future?

About Dhimant Panchal

Design Professor

Prof Dhimant Panchal graduated from NID Ahmedabad in 1980. With career spanning around 4 decades, Dhimant Sir has worked in all possible fields of design. From Industrial design, Product design, Exhibition design to education. Prof Dhimant Panchal is a key driving force at Maharashtra Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design, Pune.