EP 126 . 05 Jun 19

Before and after of an interior project

With Sarah Sham

In the episode

  • How do you see before and after philosophically?
  • How do you pick what to retain in the new and what to let go from the old?
  • What ensures that the essence of the site/house/place is maintained even after the new?
  • How do you pitch the client what you envision?
  • Is it good for the client to keep looking at WIP since he or she will not be wowed by the new?

About Sarah Sham

Sarah is the fourth generation entrepreneur to take forward the heritage of Essajees with her interior design boutique firm Essajees Atelier founded in 2014. Essajees Atelier was awarded the Best Interior Design award at WadE Asia, women powered design awards ceremony that celebrates women designers.