EP 128 . 19 Jun 19

Youth Theatre of India

With Q and Toral Shah

In the episode

  • You travel across India for Thespo, big and small centers. What is transpiring across? Where do you think the real action lies when it comes to telling stories?
  • I and My team performed at Thespo almost 15 years back, how do you remember most of us and the name of the play also? What is the secret behind it?
  • What are the significant changes you have seen in the Youth Mumbai theatre world in the last 20 years? This is w.r.t to performances, storytelling, productions, acting, and more from the creator’s standpoints.
  • You have published 4 plays in 2018. Can you tell us more about it? What and why?

About Q and Toral Shah

Today I have Quasar Thakore Padamsee & Toral Shah with us on Audiogyan. These guys need no introduction to people who belong to the world of theatre and arts. Quasar, apart from being an accomplished actor, writer, director, and producer, Q is also the founder of Thespo Theatre festival which completed 20 years last December 2018. Toral is all things backstage. Toral started working full-time with QTP productions in June 2001. She worked in the capacity of administrator, in-house graphics designer, lights/sound operator, production manager, and stage manager. She was the festival director of ‘Thespo’ in 2002 and from 1999 onwards has been the festival’s coordinator and art director.