“Context” in the world of architecture – Part 1

Episode131 . Wed, 10 Jul 2019

Featuring: Sameep Padora

Episode abstract

1. What does the word context mean to you? How important it is wr.t. Space design or architecture?

2. Is there any dominant pattern which is seen when we consider “context”; especially when you look at India?

3. What are been your observations about how dynamic and versatile context has been when it comes to urban India?

4. What is the process to identify soul of the project wr.t. Material, resources, labour, environment etc…?

5. What is your long term vision about the future of architecture in Indian context? May be 100 years out? How would you define “dignity in living”?

About Sameep Padora logo

Architect and principal of the design studio sP+a in Mumbai

Sameep Padora is a practicing architect and principal of the design studio sP+a in Mumbai. Sameep is in a pursuit and encouragement of sustainable, contextual and innovative practices that arise ‘from a site itself’. He received his diploma in architecture from Academy of Architecture went on to study at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, and received his Masters from the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University in 2005. He is a member of the Academic Councils of a number of schools and is a member of the National Technical Committee of Habitat for Humanity, India. And today we are here to discuss his approach towards context in the world of architecture