Jazz in India

Episode133 . Wed, 24 Jul 2019

Featuring: Denzil Smith

Episode abstract

1. I am a Hindustani classical listener and I see a lot of similarities between Jazz and Hindustani Classical – which has to do with concepts of solo expression and the links between composition and improvisation. So I want to ask how would you define Jazz? What all components constitute Jazz?

2. What according to you could be the reason why Jazz was so quickly adapted by Indians? Did it have anything to do with social position of Indian in 1920’s or just because talented people like Leon Abbey, Chic Chocolate and others who influenced other people at that time?

3. Can you tell us something about Bombay Jazz Club?

4. Who are few of the all-time-top Jazz Indian artists whose music is available online to buy or stream?

5. The era from the 1930s to the 1950s is often called as the golden age of jazz in India. Did Jazz play any role in freedom struggle of India?

6. What is the future of Jazz in India?

About Denzil Smith

Actor, Voice Artist

Denzil Smith is an Indian film and stage actor, producer and is known for his stage and screen roles as a character actor. He has a long-standing association with both Motley Productions and PrimeTime Theatre. He has a huge body of work from working in Bollywood films, to theatre, from television to being a voice artist and more. Today we are here to discover his a relatively less know side which is love for music, especially Jazz. He has been host for jazz festivals, concerts at NCPA, Bluefrog and more…