Insights into the world of Indian Signages

Episode135 . Wed, 07 Aug 2019

Featuring: Ravi Poovaiah

Episode abstract

1. What is a signage system? What is the importance of a well designed Signage system?

2. What is the state of Signages in India? Where do we stand if we compare with other countries? What are the challenges while designing a Signage system for India? Language, material, Population, position w.r.t space etc…

3. What are peculiar things to be understood while designing signage system for India?

4. Can you tell us what is Trinetra project / tool about?

5. What your thoughts on the future of Signage system in India? How can corporates or independent designers contribute to Signages in India?

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Professor, at IDC, IIT Mumbai

Ravi Poovaiah, Professor, at IDC, IIT Mumbai. His current pedagogy as well as research and design interests are in fields related to Interaction Design, New Media Design, Visual Design and Product Design. Most of the things about him are documented on IIT IDC website. Ravi sir is one of the most loved professor at IDC and I got a chance to interact with him during a 3 day workshop at IIT. Product Expo. Many years ago. Although he has a huge body of work in almost all aspects of Visual and communication design, I was very impressed with one of his projects called Trinetra; a collection of Indian glyphs and icons. I call it a Indian Noun project.

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