Colours and communities

Episode139 . Wed, 04 Sep 2019

Featuring: Sarover Zaidi

Episode abstract

1. How do colours become part of our culture? Can you share some examples from your study?

2. How do communities establish their colour? How is it carried forward by generations?

3. What is possibly Mumbai’s colour? How did you arrive at it? If you can share any case study?

4. Why is Lal Qila, Lal? Is it just using local resources while it was built or has some reasons for it being Lal?

5. How deep is the connection between modern take on “psychology of colours” with actual traditions in India?

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Social Anthropologist

Sarover Zaidi is a philosopher and social anthropologist. Sarovar has worked extensively on the religious architecture of the Jews, Muslims and Christians in the port cities of Bombay and Kochi. She has previously worked in rural public health, across India, Has huge body of work in collecting Islamic & Hindu iconography across South East Asia. She currently teaches at School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, and Jindal School of Art & Architecture, Sonipat.