EP 147 . 30 Oct 19

Importance of archives

With Sanghamitra Chatterjee

In the episode

  • SC: What is archiving? Why is it important? How does it help corporate and families? Does archiving help us to reflect?
  • SC: What are the different types of archiving? Especially where the world is moving more towards Cloud.
  • FV: What made you think that BFT’s work needs to be archived?
  • SC: Can you share, what was the process like, what were the challenges and how did you manage to document and archive BFT’s heritage? What all got archived?
  • FV: How far and deep you had to dig to document?
  • SC: What have been your top 3 learnings in your overall journey of archiving BFT or other clients?
  • SC: Can you share interesting anecdotes while digging archives?
  • SC: Is there selective bias while archiving? If yes how do you deal with it?
  • FV: Can you share your perspective now after you have documented and hopefully reflected and re-lived some great work done by BFT. From Pivoting to manufacturing riding wheels during the Second World war to date…?
  • SC: What next concerning BFT and you’re overall archiving journey?

About Sanghamitra Chatterjee

Sanghamitra is the co-founder of Past Perfect Heritage Management, which is an archiving and research agency based out of Mumbai and specializes in institutional and family archives.