EP 159 . 22 Jan 20

Designing a visual guide

With Ruchita Madhok

In the episode

  • What practice does Kahani Design works exactly do? What role does research play in your practice? Commissioned or pro-active/pro bono?
  • Your focus has been narrating a story through visuals in story cities. Be it maps or illustrations. What are the grounds for picking a story and how has that evolved?
  • What goes into making a visual guide/local map? Walks, research, architecting on paper? How long can this process be? How do you decide when to stop? What qualifies to be on the map and what doesn’t
  • We as a culture are proud of our past but make very little effort to archive/document it. What’s your response to that w.r.t geographical/physical location perspective?
  • What according to you can be a good start for individuals and groups to start investing time and effort to start telling stories of India visually?

About Ruchita Madhok

Ruchita Madhok is the Founder and principal designer of Kahani Design Works; a design studio based in Mumbai. Trained in exhibition design and scenography, Ruchita has worked extensively with corporate organizations and arts institutions in India, the UK, and the Middle East. She brings influences from visual arts, culture, and heritage into Kahani’s creative approach, setting the studio apart as a global Indian design practice. Ruchita is passionate about the power of design to influence the landscape of contemporary India. She is a design writer, a regular speaker, and is often invited to teach at design schools across the country. Kahani Studio also has a beautiful initiative that discovers and shares the stories that make a city unique.