Think Matter

Episode163 . Wed, 19 Feb 2020

Featuring: Ruturaj Parikh

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Episode abstract

1. What is Matter. ? Why do you think Archiving thought / documentation is important & required? Especially post Independence thought?
2. With so much noise, how do you decipher signal? How do you decide what to archive? What qualifies to be worth archiving?
3. What are your thoughts on “reflecting on your own work”?
4. As per my experience, very few professionals are reflective about their work; while academicians, authors & researchers have a more broader vision. Is it true and if yes, why?
5. Classic work always has a pull and need not be pushed. But it can take really long for people to understand the value. What keeps you going and doing this?

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Architect & Partner at Matter

Ruturaj is an Architect & Partner at Matter. an architecture, design and content firm based in Goa. He has been involved in architecture, urban design, planning, curatorial and social projects. Ruturaj regularly writes about contemporary works and ideas on architecture relevant to India and its subcontinent.