Design Philosophy of March Tee

Episode174 . Wed, 06 May 2020

Featuring: Ashish Acharya & Abhay Singh

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Episode abstract

1. Can you start by telling everyone about your background from March Studio days?

2. March tee is simple. What’s your definition of simple? As a group of 4 and as you 2 individuals.

3. How important is story telling for March tee? How critical do you think story telling is from a brand / marketing perspective and also from a product building standpoint?

4. Studio March have always been making good digital products. How has your definition about good, better and great changed over time? How have you been reflecting about it? On what parameters these definitions kept changing?

5. In poetry is it said that “bad poetry is recognised instantly while good can take years or even centuries”. What is your definition of a good product? I am not hinting anywhere to Dieter Rams. ? (In fact it would be interesting to ask you a more philosophical question; what does timeless mean to you?)

6. What according to you is the relation between scale and quality? Is it possible that well-crafted products which need attention to detail can be scaled? If yes, how and if no, why?

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2 out of the 4 co-founders of March Tee

When you’re not happy with something, fix it. Sounds familiar? Well that’s the line which is written on their website. Today I have Ashish Acharya and Abhay Singh with us on Audiogyan. They are the 2 out of the 4 co-founders of March Tee. Yes March Tee; which is now one of my favourites brand. In fact all I have is March Tee in my wardrobe and mind you this is not a promotion. March Tee produces truly simple and high-quality t-shirts for men and women. They are based in Pune