EP 175 . 13 May 20

Anatomy of Rap


In the episode

  • Can you start by telling us about the construction of a rap song? Meter, Lyrics, tune, 4 beat, 6 or 8 beat cycle? the theme, series, individual track, etc…? How are these written, composed, and produced?
  • What is Proto rap? are there any other sub-genre and more forms within rap?
  • Can you share any insights about why there is so much influence of hip-hop on rap? What could be the reasons? Hip-hop is about beats and rhythm. Was poetry missing in the same vibe which leads to the origin of Rap?
  • How long or short, can be a rap song? What is this format linked to? For eg: Jazz was the song of the oppressed, etc…
  • Is this form of music/poetry/lyrics seems to be impromptu? How does it qualify to be a form of literature if it’s so volatile and made on-the-spot?
  • Do you have any Mukhda kind of a thing in original rap? Something which keeps repeating in intervals? What is the reason for it? If you can share some examples. For a layman like me, “My Jam” is the maximum exposure. 🙂
  • What’s the scene of Rap in South India? Any patterns/observations? With growing suppression in India and the rest of the world do you think Rap is on its rising cycle?

About SIRI

Multilingual Kannada rapper SIRI with us on Audiogyan. She is re-enforcing the beauty of being part of a country, that is home to vareity of, different dailects and tunes. SIRI’s music has already earned her a significant fan following down south of India. Having impressive flow in rap with English and Kannada, she has also experimented with Hindi and Telugu. SIRI writes, directs, produces and edits her music videos. She is from Bangalore. Today we are here to try and understand anatomy of “rap” as an artform and some insights into the world of Indian Rap community.