EP 193 . 16 Sep 20

Education through theatre (Marathi)

With Geetanjali Kulkarni

In the episode

  • You have worked in different types of plays and with different types of directors, Paresh Mokashi to Mohit Takalkar, Sunil Shanbag to Atul Kumar. How do you adapt to different styles of theatre?
  • Performances at NSD to Performances at Prithvi to Performances in England. How did you prepare for these? What according to you is so special about Theatre even today after doing Netflix series, films, and more?
  • You have studied at NSD, you have mentored at DSM plus there is the brilliant work in Palghar, Wada Taluka. What does theatre education mean in this day and age?
  • In your newer projects, Goshtarang and Quest, based on your experience, which method of learning do you propose, Abhyas of fun?
  • If you were made Minister of Theatre – what are the three things you will implement in education and training for theatre

About Geetanjali Kulkarni

Geetanjali is an actor, who has been performing for theatre, films, and the web. She has been always ahead of her time. Her quest to do something unconventional always paved a different way for her and the people around her. Geetanjali’s dedication is contagious and has given certain meaning to the most uncertain profession called Acting… Today we are here to discuss one of my favorite topics, education, but through theatre and acting or should I say performing arts.

If you enjoyed listening to this one, please do check out episode # 13 with Geetanjali’s husband, Atul Kulkarni. Excuse for my naive questions then and also the production quality. I was too new to podcasting plus interviewing such a legend was full of pressure. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes.