Value centered design in Digital space

Episode202 . Wed, 18 Nov 2020

Featuring: Navneet Nair

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Episode abstract

  • How big or small role does design play in today’s Indian startup ecosystem?
  • You have spoken about the irrational user. Tell us more about it. How have you translated those learnings in your projects, at Google, yahoo, or even now in PhonePe?
  • You speak about value-centered design. Can you tell us in detail what do you mean? Are there any best practices that you have implemented at Phonepe? How effective it has been?
  • If you had to teach designers, either economics or being a full-stack designer – what would you choose and why?
  • Know the rules to bend the rules – What has been your experience while dealing with budding designers who come from a user-centered school of thought? How can they develop a value-centered design approach?

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Product Designer

Daniel Kahneman in his book, “Thinking fast and slow”, mentions that people are innately irrational when it comes to making decisions. The same goes for how they consume everyday products. In the book “Design of everyday things” Don Norman speaks about how people blame themselves if they are not able to pull the drawer rather than blaming the designer. Well, there definitely seems to be a pattern. Let’s explore a few of them and more importantly a designer’s role in this setup.

Being a Digital product designer myself, I have a few insights. But to know more, today I have Navneet Nair with us on Audiogyan. Navneet is Head of Design at PhonePe. For the last two decades, he has been a hands-on practitioner of design and user-focused creative arts. Navneet has worked in both individual contributor roles and in leadership positions at startups and established companies like Yahoo & Google.