EP 203 . 25 Nov 20

Travel Writing

With Shivaji Das

In the episode


  • What is different about travel writing? The way we have articles, opinions, factual documentation, etc…What sort of subsections do you have in travel writing? Are there any broad rules for them? For eg: Fiction can not have factual information etc…?
  • I have heard this phrase called ego travel. What does it mean to you? In one of the articles you mentioned, you know when to be honest about the various fears and phobias you are attempting to overcome. Can you please elaborate on that with an example?
  • Do you write about people or places? What is your definition of a place/destination? Is it the people or the geographical location or the culture found within? Tell us more about “The other Shangri-la”. Do you have any favorite experiences/destinations that were most gratifying?
  • The advancement in modes of travel has made it easier to travel to unreachable places. What have we gained and what have we lost in this transition?
  • With new media coming, how and where does writing fit in this visual world of Youtube and IGTV? What’s next with you? and what would be your 2 cents for those who wish to get into travel writing?

About Shivaji Das

I have a Writer, traveler, and photographer; Shivaji Das with us on Audiogyan. He has authored few books like, ‘Off the Beaten Track: Collecting Stories of Unheard Lives,’ ‘Journeys with the caterpillar: Travelling through the islands of Flores and Sumba, Indonesia,’ and most recently, “The other Shangri-la”.

Shivaji’s writings and work with migrants have been published in journals such as TIME, The Economist, BBC, and more… He was born and brought up in the north-eastern province of Assam and now stays in Singapore. Today we are here to discuss travel writing as a practice or as a profession. Let’s find out.