EP 208 . 30 Dec 20

What is Cognitive Gym? (4 Anniversary episode)

With Anand Gandhi

In the episode


  • What is a cognitive gym that you talk about?
  • How essential is it in today’s times?
  • What are instincts or genetic patterns if we may call them?
  • What is the game that you are designing and why?

About Anand Gandhi

This week Audiogyan turns 4. On this anniversary episode, I would like to thank all listeners for tuning in and all the guests who have spent their valuable time & effort on this show.
This episode is brought to you by MUBI, a curated streaming service showing exceptional films from around the globe. Get a whole month free! – MUBI.com/Audiogyan. Well, we have 3 films on MUBI made by today’s guest. “Right here, right now“. “Continuum” and “The insignificant man” which is exclusive on MUBI.
Yes!!!!!!! We are celebrating this 208th episode with Anand Gandhi. I am super thrilled and excited and at the same time a bit nervous to have Anand on the show. I am just introducing him for the record in case if this audio is found 100 years later. Actually, it’s always a challenge to introduce great minds like him – I would simply call him, a philosopher, filmmaker, explorer, game designer, and one of the most important thinkers of our time.